Sofa pat 115×187- Barcelona


Canapea Extensibila 2 Locuri Barcelona Campeggi

The Barcelona is a rich sofa that is also available as a bed, with very inviting feather cushions. It has been carefully finished right down to the last stitch and detail. The form gives it a slight Forties air, but this is offset by the fresh cotton and jute covers. When you sit down on a Barcelona you will have the impression of having found something impressive and reassuring. It opens up to make a proper bed whilst retaining its slightly austere solidity.

Sofa bed for 2 or 3 seaters, vintage stile with confortable feather cushions and fresh cotton and jute covers. Available also in the armchair version.

Two seater sofa, bed size: 115 x 187 cm
Three seater sofa, bed size: 145 x 187 cm