Fotoliu Extensibil – Oz


Fotoliu Extensibil Oz Campeggi

Structured backrest, wide armrests, a particularly comfortable seat and a stretching mechanism for the bed that has already been widely tested on other very successful models. It can assure perfect performances with the passing of time as it is very practical and extremely silent. In a single project of excellence, Ozcombines those “invisible” technical assets that are fundamental to enjoy every moment of rest. Oz is a big sofa and a big bed: everything is in order (you don’t need to move the cushions to open the bed) but with a pinch of fantasy, thanks to the wide range of fabrics. For the very demanding it is also available with twin beds.

Comfortable sofa bed, easily convertible with just one movement. Oz offers a wide range of colours, fabrics and sizes. Available with twin single beds.

Armchair, bed size: 75 x 200 cm
2 seater sofa, bed size: 116 x 200 cm
Small 3 seater sofa, bed size: 140 x 200 cm
Large 3 seater sofa, bed size: 160 x 200 cm
Large 3 seater sofa, twin bed size: 75 x 200 cm