Fotoliu Pat 70×195 – Ho


Fotoliu Extensibil Ho Campeggi

If a time existed when sofa beds had to make a compromise between their functions of seats and beds with great disadvantages in terms of comfort and style in both cases, well that time has come to an end. Modern sofa beds like Ho combine the two functions without neglecting any element. The style is ensured by its easy line characterized by a deep seat with a continuous back rest. Functionality and comfort are nevertheless expressed by the easy convertible mechanism thanks to which cushions don’t need to be removed as well as by the head rest created after stretching out its sleeping surface.

Minimal sofa bed and armchair, easily convertible, with wooden frame. Arc welded steel mesh bedspring and foamed polyurethane mattress. Fully removable cover.

Armchair, bed size: 70 x 195 cm
Two seater sofa, bed size: 120 x 195 cm
Small three seater sofa, bed size: 140 x 195 cm
Large three seater sofa, bed size: 160 x 195 cm