Sistem modular – Ara


Canapea Modulara & Fotoliu Ara Campeggi

A series of modular seats that can fit in the living room according to the principle of adapting to space and time: the Ara system consists of elements conceived to live together or separately, flexible and generous at the same time. Its line is harmonious and classic, with elegant rounded armrests and its back has been softened by adding feather cushions to it. The bed can be unfolded without removing the cushions from the seat.

Modular sofa beds and convertible armchairsprovided with a convertible mechanism fast and easy, for immediate use. The seats stuffing is in polyurethane foam and polyester padding. The cover is removable and can be chosen out of a wide selection of colours and fabrics.

Armchair, bed size 80 x 195 cm
Two seater sofa-bed 120 x 195 cm
Small three seater sofa-bed 140 x 195 cm
Large three seater sofa-bed 160 x 195 cm


Maxi chair one arm

Two seater sofa one arm

Three seater sofa one arm

Large three seater sofa one arm

Chaise longue one arm

Ara_Campeggi modular